Be connected. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime. Available across all devices.

Whether you are in IT support, IT Management, working from home or just on the road, Signifium mobile apps allows you to connect to remote servers securely and seamlessly from anywhere, anytime and across all devices.

Signifium Mobile App offerings


ADSignify is a beautiful and intuitive mobile management tool designed for Windows Administrators and Managers to manage Active Directory directly from your Android Phone and Tablet. The app is ready to use immediately after download. Absolutely no software or any bits are required on Active Directory Server.


Winsignify combines dozens of MMC and command line tools into one unified app. Manage your windows servers in real time using remote powershell commands over WinRM, WMI and CIM. Winsignify makes server management easier to use compared to RDP screen sharing which is difficult to do from your IOS devices.


LAPSSignify is a free tool to view and reset local administrator password for LAPS enabled endpoint, directly at your fingertip. LAPSSignify enables the LAPS team to quickly retrieve and reset passwords from anywhere directly from their mobile device. If you have LAPS in your environment, LAPSSignify is a must have tool.


Many of Signifium are free to use on Mac M1, iOS and Android. Advanced features can be unlocked using in-app subscriptions available for different durations.

Fully functional Trial versions are also available for all apps. You can also contact us via the contact page to request access to our demo lab to try all the features.

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Signifium at a glance

Signifium LLC is founded by a team of Windows Administrators. We plan to make intuitive mobile apps for Windows Administrators to help them manage their work from any where and everywhere.

We are fond of beautiful things, smooth user-experience and that is what we aim for in our apps, designed to look and feel at its best.


What are customers saying about our apps

  • This is really amazing app to manage active directory from remote location. I would like the app developers to add a feature to store username and password for multiple clients, so I can switch easily between them​


    Google playstore
  • Very good utility, worked immediately and the programmers managed to bring the functions clearly to the small smartphone display. Very impressive for the first release! $ 4.99 / year for the standard version is fair and if you like me only need such an app occasionally, that’s not too much. The only criticism and that from a high level, since the app is still new: the management of several networks for the targeted service staff is missing.

    Customer #2

    Google playstore
  • This app actually works quite well. I normally just use this when on-site with an end user and need to make a quick change to a computer OU. Saves me fro having to lug a laptop around.


    Apple App Store

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